345 Millerton Rd, Lakeville, Connecticut 06039, United States

Looking for Antique Treasures?

Lou's Relics is the perfect place to spend the afternoon browsing through our charming warehouse filled to the brim with antiques you just have to see. Come back and visit regularly so that you don't miss any new arrivals. And if you don't see it, ask us!

HOURS OF OPERATION - Daily 10 am until 4 pm (closed Thursdays) 

Furniture, Tabletop, Lighting, Collectibles, Jewelry

Lou's Relics specializes in vintage and antique furniture, mirrors, lamps, candelabras, clocks, jewelry, artwork, statues, figurines, dishes, table accessories, glassware, collectibles (glass, metal, wood, pottery, porcelain, china), and garden furniture and objects.

Our Story

 In 1917 Molly Arnoff, a recent Russian immigrant, bought a house, barn and the surrounding property located at 345 Millerton Road, Lakeville, Connecticut. She subsequently packed up her family, including her son Louis, and moved from New Haven, Connecticut to the charming countryside town of Lakeville. When she arrived at the house, she found that the previous owners had left all their furnishings behind. However, Molly wanted to furnish the house with the things that she had brought with her from New Haven. So she moved all the “stuff” belonging to the previous owners out to the barn – along with her three cows! As people in the surrounding area came to meet their new neighbors, Molly began to sell some of the items from the barn.

As Lou grew older, he started a moving and peddling business. Molly was growing older and it was difficult for her to care for the cows, and Lou was bringing home more and more things to sell, so they sold the cows and began to fill the barn with the items Lou would collect through his growing business. Lou realized that as people were moving they didn't always want to take all their furniture and belongings with them. Lou would come in, evaluate the items, and give the customers a price to purchase their items and remove them. He would then place these same items for sale in his barn. Sometimes there were fine antiques of all sorts – period furniture, silver, crystal and other collectibles – and on occasion other items that were less valuable. Nonetheless, Lou developed a following for having quality items at very reasonable prices! Hence, Lou's Relics was born more than 75 years ago.

Lou married Marion and brought her home to Lakeville where they lived and grew their businesses. Their son Richard eventually took over the moving business and expanded it further with help from his wife Phyllis and their sons Marc and Michael. Lou continued to operate the antique business out of the barn.

Eventually, Lou and his wife Marion retired to Florida but returned to Connecticut every summer to open the barn for business. When Lou and Marion passed away, Richard took over the barn and expanded the space and offerings but remained true to the original idea of bringing superb antique and vintage furniture, collectibles as well as a wide variety of other great stuff to collectors, dealers, decorators and the “average Joe” at the most reasonable prices. Today, Richard takes great pride in hunting down the items available from every corner of the world. He has outstanding assistance at the barn from his store manager, Doug Hall, who has been with the business for more than 40 years.